Why and When To Use Cat6 Plenum Rated Cable

Cat6 Plenum cable is a very common type of cable that is used for both residential and industrial applications. The Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable is equipped with the industry’s highest safety ratings and features. If you’re considering installing plenum ethernet cable, stick around as this article discusses their applications, features, and standards.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the first section: why use Cat6 Plenum Cable.

What is Plenum Rated Cat6 Cable?

The Largest Cat6 Plenum Cable is a twisted pair cable of the sixth generation. It is made up of eight copper conductors twisted in four pairs. It makes use of all eight conductors to achieve extremely high performance. It is backward compatible and is widely used in residential, business, and data center networks.

1000ft Cat6 Plenum usage

The cable has been designed for use in the building’s plenum areas. Plenum areas are those areas of a building that allow for air circulation for air conditioning and heating systems. They accomplish this by providing pathways for either return airflows or air that has been conditioned/heated above the atmospheric limit.

Due to the risk of fire eruption in plenum spaces, the Cat6 plenum cables are constructed of high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Their jackets are made of flame-retardant PVC and FEP insulation, which contribute to their high-quality performance even at elevated temperatures. The PVC used in Cat6 Plenum 1000ft produces less smoke and retards the spread of fire.

Technical Considerations

As a successor to Cat5e, the Cat6 Plenum 1000ft delivers a monstrous 10Gbps data transfer rate up to a distance of 55 meters. Its 550MHz bandwidth capacity results in less crosstalk and EMI. These features contribute to the transmission of strong signals throughout the network.

However, if the cable is extended to 328 feet or 100 meters, the data transfer rate equals that of Cat5e, which is 1Gbps.

Concerning the eight conductors, they are either pure copper or CCA (copper-clad aluminum); the former performs significantly better than the latter. Therefore, if budget is not an issue, it is always preferable to use pure copper ethernet cables.

The Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable is suitable for installation in temperatures ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. It is available in gauges ranging from 22AWG to 26AWG and is packaged in an easy-pull box.

It operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -25 to 100 degrees Celsius. The Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable’s thick coating ensures that your network is free of both near-end and alien crosstalk. Additionally, the cable is UV resistant, which strengthens your signal.

All of these characteristics address the first part of your question: why should I use Cat6 Plenum 1000ft?

Let’s now address the second part of your question: when should you use Cat6 Plenum 1000ft?

When is it appropriate to use Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Cat6 plenum cables are intended for use in plenum spaces of buildings because the risk of fire progression is greater in these areas. You should be aware that you cannot use cable rated for risers or PVC in plenum spaces. The material used in riser- and PVC-rated ethernet cables are not as high-grade as the material used in plenum cables. This is why plenum cables cannot be used in riser spaces or open-air areas.

If you’re installing Cat6 plenum ethernet cables in non-EMI areas, you should use unshielded twisted pair cables. Due to the absence of interference, the signal quality will remain unchanged, eliminating the need for an additional layer of protection.

If you intend to use Cat6 cables in areas prone to electromagnetic interference, you should opt for shielded twisted pair cables. Due to the substantial risk of EMI, the additional layer of protection is advantageous. Each of the four twisted pairs in STP ethernet cables receives an outer cover or shield. This keeps all types of interference at bay and ensures that your signal strength remains unaffected.

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