Cat5 VS Cat6 – What’s the difference?

Working with tech all the time we sometimes forget that not everybody knows about even the most basic of things, for example well the various standards of network cables cat 5 Ethernet cables versus cat6.  This is not an episode of what’s the difference with purple storage offers all frame technology built for always on HD surveillance security systems. There are two main types of Ethernet cables that most consumers will come across like cat6 Ethernet cables and cat5e cables.

 Cat5 handles speeds up to 100 megabits per second and a bandwidth of 100 megahertz. This is the mostly basic type of Ethernet cable. Cat5 is actually obsolete most of us will encounter cat 5e the e stands for enhanced. Nowadays the cables used inside the walls are most likely cat 5e if you live in a house with a built-in network. Now there are two advantages of cat5e / cat6 on different circuits or channels from interfering with each other. The second benefit is being able to handle higher speeds cat5 was not able to handle out thousand megabits per second speeds or as cat 5e can let’s move on to cat six cats six C’s huge improvements over cat 5e. It’s also able to handle gigabit Ethernet speeds like cat 5e but now it does so add a bandwidth of 250 megahertz cat 6 cables.

Now also come with an internal separator that isolates the pairs of cabling cat 5 or cat5e Ethernet cable is suited more for commercial and business networking solutions where performance is a must but of course because of better performance and better isolation they sometimes come at a expensive cost. There are some various cables we’ve got from different manufacturer’s colors and of course different categories including network or Ethernet cables. Now we actually couldn’t get my hands on regular cat 5.

But like we mentioned earlier it’s because it’s obsolete when I used to work retail there are actually customers who came up to ask if a certain color sleeping off cable is faster than the other and to debunk that I’ve dissected them to show you the audience. The actual innards so you can get a better idea of what’s inside. So here we have three different cat6a Ethernet cables in different colors you can see for yourself that the insides are the same despite having different sleeves. It doesn’t mean it goes any faster or slower than the other cable. It’s just the way of color coordinating for organization purposes. 

 Obviously these ones tend to cost more once in a while you’ll see the term snag has come up from time to time that just simply means that the cable has an extra cover to prevent the locking clip from catching on something. I would definitely recommend buying snag less cables over the non-snag list type and for those of you who are crimping your own cables. You guys can buy connector boots to make your DIY cables snag lists. Buy Ethernet cables from New York Cables as they are a wholesale business based in New Jersey covering the needs other American people related to Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and accessories. I hope you guys are now more informed about the basics of Ethernet cables and the difference between Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables.

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